Government’s response to the Law Commission’s report on Electronic execution of documents

12/03/20 – The UK government has issued a Statement in response to the Law Commission’s report on Electronic execution of documents.  My article on the Law Commission’s report can be accessed here.

Key takeaways from the government’s Statement:

  1. The government agrees with the report’s conclusion that businesses and individuals can feel confident in using e-signatures in without the need for primary legislation.
  2. The government accepts the report’s recommendation that an Industry Working Group should be established to consider, in particular, the security and technology of electronic signatures.
  3. The Industry Working Group will also be asked to consider the question of video witnessing of electronic signatures.
  4. In accordance with the report’s recommendation, the government will ask the Law Commission to undertake a broader review of the law of deeds. The timing for the review will however be subject to government and Law Commission priorities given the existing volume of law reform work.

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